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We are back!

Hey fit followers! After lots of googling, reading through FAQs and general frustrating moments, I have decided trying to get the posts from my old blog is in the too hard box. But that's OK! Time to start a fresh, reset and move forward! Thanks to those who have checked in to offer technical help and to check in on how my recovery is going! (I'll update this in the next blog post). We are in the midst of Term 3 school holidays here in New Zealand, and this is the first time all year that I have actually stopped and had a break, with the last lots of holidays consumed with having to work through due to COVID. Damn you COVID. (Blog post also coming up on how to deal with disappointment - I know a lot of people have had events cancelled this year due to COVID - whether these are social events, work events or races - and I'll try and give some tips with how to get through this if you're struggling. It may also help keep you focus with the uncertainty of whether events will go ahead or not - I know I have definitely struggled in this area!)

My whanau (family) and I headed away to Taupo for a few days (it was supposed to be Rotorua in order for me to do the marathon, but they BANNED us Aucklanders... not happy. So, instead of still going to Rotorua and putting money into their economy, we decided to head to Taupo - a beautiful part of NZ that we travel to every year for events, but never get to be tourists - and gave them our money! I love Taupo. I could definitely live there.

A few days away from Auckland, work and home was fantastic and definitely needed after the crazy year we have had. It highlighted the importance to make sure you stop, take time to rest, reflect and reset. It was probably also helped by the fact that I didn't have to cook for a whole 4 DAYS! Bliss!

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